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Domestic Hedge Cutting & Maintenance Services in Burton On Trent and Surrounding Areas

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Our professional equipment and unrivaled industry knowledge enable us to deliver expert hedge trimming services in Burton On Trent and Surrounding Areas.

There must be strict maintenance and control of hedges, especially where pedestrians and vehicles have to access them. Additionally, this is true in areas where vegetation is obstructing safe passage and increasing accident risk.

Landowners who fail to maintain their hedgerows sufficiently can be fined by their local councils. Do not worry if your local council has served you a vegetation order. Our hedge trimming services can help you avoid fines as long as you act quickly. As well as adhering to the Hedge Cutting Act, we can also comply with other specific laws.

Our team is experienced in actively maintaining green spaces, trimming back vegetation along roads, pathways, fields, perimeter/boundary hedging, and more. For more information, please contact us.

It is not necessary to undergo drastic tree surgery. We provide pruning and hedge trimming services to encourage healthy growth while protecting your tree and foliage from becoming unruly in the future. Although we make every effort to save any tree that we deal with, sometimes decay or damage to the tree makes it inconvenient, or the tree is no longer safe to remain standing. When this occurs, we provide tree felling services, which involve careful planning to cut down the tree safely.


Trimming hedges of any height and width can be accomplished with a variety of professional hedge trimmers, both short and long reach. We are able to reach hedge heights easily using step ladders, MEWPS (cherry pickers) and even climbing in some cases.


Overgrown hedges often need to be heavily reduced. The usual suspects include Leylandii, but we also receive requests to reduce hedges of all sorts. Often, Leylandii grow so big that a reduction becomes futile. Increasing the top reduction can negatively impact the health of the hedge, while reducing the sides too much will prevent future growth. There are other species that can be reduced harder with great results, such as Hawthorn, Field Maple, and Laurel.


It is sometimes possible to restore an overgrown hedge to its former glory by performing a restoration process. An extensive reduction in height and width, combined with replanting any gaps, is commonly carried out over a long period of time. Afterwards, the hedge is regularly trimmed to encourage new growth, resulting in a dense, compact hedgerow. Within two to three years, we typically expect great results from this process.

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