Winter Gritting Service Burton on Trent

Gritting Service Burton on Trent

JPS provides a bad weather winter gritting service in Burton on Trent for local businesses and the public sector.

Icy paths, roads, and snow pose a high risk for the safety of your workers and visitors. It is a huge responsibility for any Burton on Trent business.

JPS Grounds Maintenance are local to Burton on Trent and can  elp to remove this risk by providing winter gritting services and a fast response to deteriorating weather conditions.

The standard winter season is 1st November to the 31st of  March, however, Burton on Trent is known to have cold weather outside this time frame also, our team is available from October – April, should it be needed out of season.

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  • Single Site

    If you are based on a single site in Burton on Trent, we can provide you with a service to grit your car park, paths etc overnight. We only grit when necessary to minimise your costs.

    You will receive:

    Local teams

    Your local operator will carry out a site inductions preseason, so they understand your site before the season starts.

    Overnight Gritting

    Not all businesses in Burton on Trent are the same; although we tend to grit overnight, we also aware that many businesses function through the night and so we work with you to make sure we don’t get in the way.

    Full Weather Analysis System

    This ensures that we only grit when we absolutely have to, saving you money. Because you have a single site in a single location.

  • Multi-Site Gritting Service

    Multiple sites normally mean you are either a business with premises in different locations or you are a facilities management company or a managing agent who organises a range of services for your clients.

    You don’t want to be spending your busy time monitoring local weather conditions across the country for all of your sites or each of your clients, which is why we do it for you.

    To help manage your budgets speak to us about the various contract types we have to offer. Having multiple sites enables us to work efficiencies into our window solution helping us to work with you.

    Our gritting service is based centrally in Derby meaning we can cover all premises throughout The Midlands including Burton on Trent.

    Option Of Fixed Price Or Pay As You Go

    To help you manage budgets we can offer a fixed price contract, alternatively just pay when you need us.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    You have just one point of contact so you don’t have to worry who to contact for what. Your account manager will project manage everything for you.

    Daily Email Summary

    You will receive a daily email of sites to be gritted and a confirmation email the following day.

  • Service Options

    There are several types of service options we can offer our Burton on Trent clients based on their specific requirements:

    Cost Per Visit (CPV) – Each site is attributed with base Cost Per Visit price. At the end of each month, an invoice will be produced based on the number of gritting visits completed multiplied by the Cost Per Visit.

    Fixed Term Pricing – The full winter season is covered for our gritting through an agreed single fixed cost for the winter, regardless of the weather or the number of service activations completed. This is for a minimum of 2 winters.

    50/50 Price – The best of both worlds. This pricing structure has been specifically designed to create a win-win situation for both parties by sharing the risk of a winter season. The full fixed cost price is divided in two, 50% is payable at the start of the season (in line with a fixed cost contract) but each service visit completed is only billed at 50% of the base Cost Per Visit price (CPV).

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